Cooperstown's Place In The World

Welcome to the newly renovated Cooperstown Elementary School Museum! Students have been hard at work all year curating new exhibits that explore Cooperstown's place in the global community. Admission is free, our docents have a scavenger hunt ready for you below and we'd love for you to leave your notes for our local curators above!
Thank you for visiting our virtual museum!

Scavenger Hunt!

There are a lot of animals hidden in this website! Can you find them among the exhibits? 

About Museum Night

Museum Night is a year-long partnership with Cooperstown Elementary School and The Cooperstown Graduate Program. Graduate students, pursuing a Masters Degree in Museum Studies, design projects for each grade level to complete throughout the year.

Interns visit each classroom multiple times; working with students and teachers to explore different topics. Each Spring the school turns into a museum. The projects are displayed and the Cooperstown community is welcome to visit.

In March 2020, many public spaces were temporarily closed so this website was designed to display the projects. We unfortunately were not able to work with the 6th grade and finish other classes's projects in person due to this.

Meet the Interns

Miranda Sherrock and Phoebe Cos are second year graduate students at the Cooperstown Graduate Program in the science and history museum programs respectively. They both have worked as early childhood educators and museum educators. They have thoroughly enjoyed working with the students, staff and faculty of the Cooperstown Elementary School this year! 

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